Beware, you may be prosecuted by Income Tax department on non- fulfillment of these conditions-
(i) When the assessee is in default or is deemed to be in default in making payment of tax, including the tax deducted at source.
(ii) Concealment of particulars of income or furnishing of inaccurate particulars of income.
(iii) Failure to maintain books of accounts and documents by persons carrying on profession or business.
(iv) Failure to get the accounts audited in prescribed circumstances or failure to obtain the prescribed audit report within prescribed time period of failure to furnish the audit report along with the return.
(v) Failure to subscribe to the eligible issue of capital.
(vi) Penalty for failure to deduct tax at source.
(vii) Failure of file the return of income as required under Section 239 (1).
(viiii) Refusal to answer in contravention of legal obligation.
(ix) Refusal to sign any statement made in the course of income-tax proceedings.
(x) Failure to attend or give evidence or produce books of accounts and documents.
(xi) Failure to comply with the provisions of section 139A dealing with the application for and allotment of Permanent Account Number.
(xii) Failure to furnish information regarding securities.
(xiii) Failure to give notice of discontinuance of business or profession.
(xiv) Failure to furnish in due time information sought.
(xv) Failure to furnish in due time prescribed returns/statements.
(xvi) Failure to allow inspection or take copies of registers of registers of companies.
(xvii) Failure to furnish in due time the return of income by charitable or religious institutions.
(xviii) Failure to deliver in due time a copy of declaration of non-deduction of tax at source.
(xix) Failure to furnish a certificate of tax deducted at source to the person on whose behalf tax has been deducted or collected.
(xx) Failure to deduct and pay tax from salary payable to an employee as directed by the Assessing Officer.
(xxi) Failure to allow an Income-tax Authority to collect any information useful or relevant to the purposes of Income-tax Act.

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